JVMSystem - the Joint Venture Management System

JVMSystem™ allows you to execute all of your Joint Venture obligations with partners yet still provides you the flexibility to deal with real world situations

Supporting the Oil and Gas industry
Align your vision, strategy and performance
Bringing organisations and people together
Good governance, good process and quality assurance
Increase efficiency and reduce costs
Safe and secure behind your firewall or ours

Productivity and Efficiency

Use just one application for all your Joint Venture obligations rather than several (outlook, word, excel, PDF and Explorer all in one).
Execute your obligations quickly and efficiently – your JV items are in industry standard templates – no more formatting or cut and pasting.

Automated Secretariat and Administrative Functions (Your Automated JV Manager Role)

Your Joint Venture and licence commitment obligations will be managed automatically via system generated reminders on obligation due dates such as actions, resolutions and voting, meeting deadlines such as agenda, minute sign off and also government reporting.

Easy To Use

Simple and intuitive, the Joint Venture Management System™ works as you would expect it to in the old manual world. Ready to go with any internet connection including mobile devices. The application can also be hosted securely therefore requiring no internal IT support and is set up for you – just log in.

Good Corporate Governance

Add to your organisations good governance and organisational effectiveness with best practice Joint Venture Management. JVMSystem™ is a cost effective mechanism to achieve good governance across your JV and Licence obligations.

Systemisation of Obligations

No need for a separate filing system, JVMSystem™ is a dedicated database with full audit ability for all your JV data. JVMSystem™ can be used to send all correspondence to your partners so no need to go hunting through emails or go looking for key JV documents, log in and it’s there for you.

Availability and security

JVMSystem™ uses high security protocols to ensure your data is safe. The system sits protected behind your existing server security. Alternatively, our hosted version is designed for maximum security and availability.